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beyond price

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(also without price)
  • So valuable that no price can be stated.

    ‘the memories they shared were beyond price’
    • ‘‘You are,’ my mother would say, ‘the queen of the world, the jewel of the lotus, the pearl without price, my secret treasure.’’
    • ‘We've also learned people are more important than things; good neighbours, friends and relatives are without price; and memories are more important than possessions.’
    • ‘After all, the integrity of the nation's economic statistics gathering institutions is beyond price: Many thousands of businesspeople use those statistics as a resource every day.’
    • ‘Most people who found a faded suitcase in the attic would probably consider it worthless, but for Michel Levi-Leleu, the Frenchman claiming the relic, it is beyond price.’
    • ‘The mementoes and film were beyond price - yet useless to anyone else.’
    • ‘That she completed the course gave her an emotional gift beyond price.’
    • ‘The rewards for being a family physician are often without price.’
    • ‘What you will gain is your people's confidence in your fairness and honesty, an asset beyond price to a manager.’
    • ‘But what people value and the way that they interact with a product goes beyond price.’
    • ‘He never complained about dialysis, arguing that the months gained were beyond price, beyond inconvenience.’
    of incalculable value, of incalculable worth, of inestimable value, of inestimable worth, of immeasurable value, of immeasurable worth, invaluable, priceless, without price, worth its weight in gold, worth a king's ransom
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