Meaning of beyond recall in English:

beyond recall


  • In such a way that restoration is impossible.

    ‘shopping developments have already blighted other parts of the city beyond recall’
    • ‘The glorious past belonged in the age of heroes and was lost beyond recall; the real past was full of trickery, violence and abuse, both within individual cities and in relations between cities.’
    • ‘The Age of Religious Culture is apparently past, perhaps beyond recall.’
    • ‘The other passengers are immolated beyond recall.’
    • ‘Once the game had gone beyond recall, Mike Ward launched a blistering attack on the Blackpool bowlers to end his innings on 82.’
    • ‘But it can offer no way back and an overs match where the first batting side collapses is a match gone beyond recall.’
    • ‘However the winner was beyond recall by then and had a length and a half to spare at the line in 17.71.’
    • ‘Gilmour netted another corner four minutes from time, and put the game beyond recall for the visitors.’
    • ‘It seemed to me that this necessarily complex structure was ruined beyond recall.’
    • ‘Adam's face darkened, and his teasing, light-hearted mood was gone beyond recall.’
    • ‘The time of provincial economic processes has passed beyond recall.’