Meaning of beyond reproach in English:

beyond reproach

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(also above reproach)
  • Such that no criticism can be made; perfect.

    ‘his integrity is beyond reproach’
    • ‘Feeling, intonation, and expressiveness were all on par with the quality of the work itself, which is to say, completely beyond reproach.’
    • ‘The sports players become the heroes and the country creates a pedestal where the athlete is beyond reproach and untouchable and this leads to all matter of problems.’
    • ‘‘The quality of property in this region is beyond reproach - possibly the best available in Spain - but then that is what purchasers here expect as they are paying top dollar for the product,’ said Condon.’
    • ‘Gordon Willis's cinematography is beyond reproach, captured in shades of burnt sienna and golden, autumnal hues, complemented by Dean Tavoularis's achingly beautiful production design.’
    • ‘If you are running a trading operation, you have to be like Caesar's wife, beyond reproach.’
    • ‘These guys obviously have tons of ideas, and the arrangements and influences are all beyond reproach, but the record lacks the irresistible gravity of top-notch post-rock.’
    • ‘Our research is thorough and objective, and Mary Meeker's integrity is beyond reproach.’
    • ‘Mutter's musicianship is beyond reproach, and she and the Trondheim Soloists go beyond and beneath and behind the notes to realize Vivaldi's creativity.’
    • ‘Obviously, the peerless craft and genuflecting reverence are beyond reproach; those desiring a more progressive form are out of luck.’
    • ‘A strict two-seater, with the engine mounted behind the seats, the MR2 is a joy to drive as its handling and roadholding are beyond reproach.’
    perfect, beyond criticism, blameless, above suspicion, without fault, faultless, flawless, irreproachable, exemplary, unimpeachable, impeccable, immaculate, unblemished, spotless, untarnished, stainless, unstained, pure, as pure as the driven snow, whiter than white, sinless, guiltless, unsullied
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