Meaning of bhai in English:


Pronunciation /bʌɪ/


  • 1Indian A brother.

    ‘More and more bhais and behens are living in different cities - even continents.’
    • ‘They called themselves bhagi bhai (rebel brother) and claimed that well dressed people out there in society were the safed daku (white bandit).’
    • ‘Bimal is acclaimed as one of India's best midfielders, while his younger bhai Birendra is a forward.’
    • ‘He also has a younger bhai, Apoorva.’
    • ‘Bhai being elder bhai always got to be the Pakistan team while I played all the rest of teams at different times.’
    1. 1.1A friendly form of address for a man.
      man, my friend
    2. 1.2-bhaiAdded to proper names to form an affectionate form of address to an older person.
      • ‘However, the joy of being corrected by his five-year-old whenever he deliberately falters over his bedtime prayers is compensation enough for Altaf bhai.’
      • ‘Kanu bhai once even made a three-hour movie of Gandhiji.’
      • ‘Azhar bhai seems to be suing every person who says his name!’
      • ‘Earlier, I could never give my best because I knew Anil bhai would sweep the batting aside.’
      • ‘Morarji bhai was a true Gandhian.’


From Hindi bhāi, based on Sanskrit bhrātṛ ‘brother’.