Meaning of bhangra in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɑːŋɡrə/


mass noun
  • A type of popular music combining Punjabi folk traditions with Western pop music.

    as modifier ‘a popular bhangra group’
    • ‘Today, the group is one of the finest exponents of this genre of music, combining bhangra with reggae, a sound that people had not heard before.’
    • ‘It's refreshing to be reminded that not all Asian artists are interested in using tablas or sticking bhangra beats over hip hop.’
    • ‘Stage school karaoke clashes with bhangra and the results are not pretty.’
    • ‘Top acts from across the music spectrum were there - reggae, indie, hip-hop, punk, bhangra and garage - performing to massive racially mixed crowds.’
    • ‘I'm a second generation Asian and we've seen the music progress from bhangra to desi beats, but it still feels weird to me to hear Asian music on commercial radio.’
    • ‘The charts don't give a true picture of the music many are into - for example the complete exclusion of the likes of bhangra and world music from the lists of bestsellers, despite massive grassroots popularity.’
    • ‘One of the most popular bhangra songs in Punjab earlier this year was about the drug epidemic sweeping through the region and the devastating impact this is having on families.’
    • ‘Many in the theatrical establishment do not think that rap, hip-hop, bhangra, or house and garage music have a place in musical theatre.’
    • ‘The rhythms of traditional bhangra music are heard at clubs.’
    • ‘The fashions will range from period costumes to the latest silk saris while music will range from bhangra to jazz.’
    • ‘At this interview in their flat, the background music is a mix of bhangra, jazz and Scottish folk.’
    • ‘In an interview with a London journalist, he identifies what he perceives to be the most significant change in bhangra over the course of his career.’
    • ‘Similarly, bhangra artists in Toronto may have fan bases that far exceed their nearby environment, and tend to promote their work widely in order to attract transregional interest.’
    • ‘And outside of music for clubs, the fusion possibilities of bhangra, dance-hall, drum'n'bass and African pop have barely been tapped by tune-loving songwriters.’
    • ‘There is a dance floor, pulsating bhangra beats and popular filmi numbers, to enliven guests.’
    • ‘Not only can we sing and dance to Bollywood numbers, Indian classical music and bhangra, but fusions of East and West are fast gaining the ascendancy.’
    • ‘The film uses the phenomenon of bhangra music to explore issues of identity and belonging among young British-born Asians.’
    • ‘Privately, their parents would play Bollywood or bhangra or other music styles.’
    • ‘Indi-pop, bhangra and its aggressive promotion through music channels also saw rock's audiences declining.’
    • ‘Remixes are common with Bollywood classics and foot-tapping bhangra numbers.’


1960s (denoting a traditional folk dance): from Punjabi bhāngrā.