Meaning of bhindi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪndiː/


mass nounIndian
  • Okra.

    ‘the basmati rice that came with the bhindi was underwhelming’
    • ‘bhindi bhaji’
    • ‘There are 5 vegetarian specialties including an interesting bhindi masala and an aloo gobi masala (potato and cauliflower curry).’
    • ‘Besides the samosa, you'll find other fried concoctions like the bhindi main dish.’
    • ‘Last year, vegetables like parmal and bhindi sold in the marketplace were found to have been chemically treated to enhance their natural colouring.’
    • ‘Over the weeks, they prepared and sampled baingan bartha, peas, cabbage, bhindi cooked in Indian style, sambar, rasam, various types of salads, upuma, vegetable pulao, curd and occasional sweet dishes.’
    • ‘Call it gumbo, bamya, lady's fingers, bhindi, quingombo or a half-dozen other names, okra is an annual vegetable usually thought of as a Southern plant.’


From Hindi bhiṇḍī.