Meaning of bi-curious in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbʌɪˈkjʊərɪəs/


  • (of a heterosexual person) interested in having a sexual experience with a person of the same sex.

    ‘two of the women voiced their positions as bi-curious, but were still very much interested in men’
    • ‘Maybe what I really need to do is to satisfy my bi-curious urges.’
    • ‘Well, obviously I'm hetero, but I try to be at least bi-curious.’
    • ‘At one point, Sara even asks Billie if she's gay or just "bi-curious" - another first on network TV.’
    • ‘Usually with a definite preference for either the same or opposite sex, bi-curious folks are open to the possibility that they could be sexually satisfied by either men or women.’
    • ‘Many of these movies featured a "real" lesbian who had an affair with a temporarily straight (or bi-curious) woman, who typically went back to heterosexuality by the end of the movie.’
    • ‘That was a brilliant thing, because if you were bi-curious - as many people are, without having to be completely homosexual - it was great, because when you released people from having to define themselves sexually, much more interesting things happened.’
    • ‘The majority are not single but in couples, looking for other couples or 'bi-curious females'.’
    • ‘The show is a fun, guilty pleasure with its own unique brand of over-the-top drama from bed-swapping and bi-curious straight women to cross-dressing and women-in-prison scenes.’
    • ‘The survey also revealed that the majority (84%) of our target claim to be heterosexual, with almost one in 10 (8%) bi-curious and one in 20 (5%) either bi-sexual or homosexual.’
    • ‘I live in fear of being seen as "bi-curious" or as a straight woman looking for kicks.’
    • ‘In these bi-curious times, surely he'd wear that badge with pride.’
    • ‘There are also those people who regard themselves as "bi-curious".’
    • ‘I once described myself as bi-curious without the curiosity.’
    • ‘On a whim, Jessica answers a Woman Seeking Woman ad placed by Helen, a bi-curious art gallery employee.’
    • ‘So, after getting all nostalgic for the days of blue eyeliner and orange concealer, I went to the pub for the bi-curious gathering.’
    • ‘Of the four feature films showing this year, two are primarily concerned with the travails of bi-curious heterosexuals.’
    • ‘She isn't lesbian, bi-curious or transsexual.’
    • ‘A good friend of mine is bi-curious.’
    • ‘My girlfriend is bi-curious and wants to have a threesome.’
    • ‘Are you really bi-curious?’


1980s blend of bisexual and curious.