Meaning of bibb lettuce in English:

bibb lettuce



North American
  • A butterhead lettuce of a variety that has crisp dark green leaves.

    ‘The best salad types have very open heads and are often a pale green fading to yellow at the heart, about the color of bibb lettuce.’
    • ‘A bibb lettuce salad came bearing wishy-washy Stilton vinaigrette - surprising, since the restaurant's Stilton sauce, an optional add-on to the broiled meats, is dazzling and addictive.’
    • ‘Grow a miniature version of romaine or bibb lettuce that's just the right size for an individual salad.’
    • ‘This salad is very simple: bibb lettuce dressed with browned butter with lemon added.’
    • ‘Make a bed of bibb lettuce and watercress leaves on each plate. Arrange the grapefruit and avocado sections on top.’


Late 19th century named after Jack Bibb (1789–1884), the American horticulturalist who developed it.