Meaning of Bible-believing in English:



  • Having faith in the absolute authority of the Bible, especially in a fundamentalist or conservative way.

    ‘a Bible-believing creationist’
    • ‘The list of influential leaders, however, is not necessarily a "Who's Who" of Bible-believing evangelicals.’
    • ‘He was raised by devout Bible-believing parents in a middle-class home.’
    • ‘Bible-believing churches need to express more visibly their unity in the gospel.’
    • ‘A bible-believing church is by its very nature mission minded.’
    • ‘A World Vision representative once told me that the vast majority of their support comes from Bible-believing churches.’
    • ‘In a rather patronising tone he tells his "Bible-believing friends" that they are not really biblical at all.’
    • ‘Between the ages of 16 and 27 I was a Christian of the born-again, fundamentalist, bible-believing sort.’
    • ‘In fact, I believe that every Bible-believing Christian in America should see this film.’
    • ‘The children of Bible-believing Christians are having a hard time in our state schools.’
    • ‘As a bible-believing Christian, I find the Christian perspective unique.’
    • ‘In his goodness, the Lord then led me to Bible-believing churches where, over a period of years, the errors I had learnt were corrected.’
    • ‘I'm old enough to remember when Bible-believing evangelical conservatives worried about whether you were saved, washed in the blood, redeemed - important matters.’
    • ‘Another Anglican diocese is trying desperately to get rid of the Bible-believing Christians in its congregations.’
    • ‘Bible-believing experts exist in many fields, such as the archaeologist author of our article on Jericho.’
    • ‘Any sincere Christian, certainly any Bible-believing, Fundamental Christian, must judge any religious phenomena on the basis of Biblical teaching and Scriptural truth.’
    • ‘I have often been asked how I managed to survive in a high-powered scientific environment where it was uncommon to find a Bible-believing Christian and creationist.’
    • ‘I am a Bible-believing fundamentalist.’
    • ‘Is the Bible-believing Church headed for extinction?’
    • ‘It should also be pointed out that most of the founding fathers of science were also Bible-believing creationists who saw no contradiction between their faith and their scientific pursuits.’
    • ‘The Christadelphians, a Bible-believing people, take a very literal approach to the Bible and regard it as fully inspired by God, hence free from error apart from copying and translation errors.’
    scriptural, biblical, Bible-believing, fundamentalist, orthodox