Meaning of bibliomania in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbɪblɪə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪə/


mass noun
  • Passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books.

    ‘Taking over a whole town for the cause of pages printed and bound may look to some like bibliomania.’
    • ‘Librarians were outraged and felt he had given bibliomania a bad name because the word originally meant ‘an intense love for books’.’
    • ‘Perhaps they will patronize him, and consider pityingly his bibliomania.’
    • ‘He was a lover of classical literature who passed his bibliomania to his son.’
    • ‘The Library is fortunate to have received the products of his bibliomania.’
    • ‘His bibliomania is such that he notices little around him: the advent of electricity, the onset of war.’
    • ‘Along the way he offers a sort of autobiography of his bibliomania, which takes him across New England and the rest of the country searching for old books.’
    • ‘His bibliomania drove him to pay a fortune for any book that caught his interest.’
    • ‘As his bibliomania grew, his worst fears became confirmed; he wrote less and less, and more crabbedly and obscurely.’
    • ‘His bibliomania ran especially to foreign books and obscure theologians.’