Meaning of bibliophily in English:


Pronunciation /bɪblɪˈɒfɪli/


See bibliophile

‘History of bibliophily reaches back to ancient times, while philately came into existence in the second half of the 19th century.’
  • ‘It includes a great number of elements and during several centuries bibliophily takes not the least important place among them.’
  • ‘Besides its aesthetic qualities, the all rag paper has the solidity and the homogeneity needed in bibliophily.’
  • ‘And some good judges, who regard this exclusive elevation of the first edition as a very parochial limitation on the health and growth of bibliophily, believe also that it will be transitory.’
  • ‘The review (which started publication in 1952) has established itself as the one of the leading authoritative journals for those interested in all aspects of bibliophily.’