Meaning of bibliopole in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪblɪə(ʊ)pəʊl/


  • A person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones.

    ‘The new editor, starting with the Summer, 1991 issue, was Mr Davis, the noted bibliopole then located in New Jersey.’
    • ‘But the city does have a few bibliopoles or sellers of rare second-hand books.’
    • ‘‘They are in the market,’ grumbled one bibliopole, as agents for wealthy clients pushed prices to new highs.’
    • ‘The bibliopoles of Conduit Street have been eminently happy in the selection of such a biographer to open their undertaking; and the popularity of this volume must be such as favourably to attract the attention of the public.’
    • ‘Throughout the 20th century, as books were gradually supplemented by other forms of information retrieval and storage, bibliopoles were quite happily able to move back and forth between their role as suppliers of information and suppliers of artifacts.’


Late 18th century via Latin from Greek bibliopōlēs, from biblion ‘book’ + pōlēs ‘seller’.