Meaning of bidding prayer in English:

bidding prayer


  • (in church use) a prayer in the form of an invitation by a minister or leader to the congregation to pray about something.

    ‘By contrast, his bidding prayers and notices are warm and detailed, displaying a close knowledge of the people we are praying for, and dwelling specially and affectionately over the memory of the dead for whom the Mass is being offered.’
    • ‘They both read lessons while the bidding prayers were led by the Roman Catholic Bishop and the High Sheriff of North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘The readings and bidding prayers included participants from each of the drama groups.’
    • ‘The rabbi included a bidding prayer that those who ‘were and are the victims of prejudice should be tolerant’ and invited prayers for the First Minister.’
    • ‘The bidding prayer is the oldest form of intercessory prayer and has traditionally been said in the language of the people.’