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  • Functioning in two directions.

    ‘In order to provide stronger signals in both directions, a bidirectional amplifier is needed.’
    • ‘The device includes a therapy generator having a housing and electronics for conducting bidirectional communication with the patient.’
    • ‘The integration of the two is quite good with regard to overall function and bidirectional data associativity.’
    • ‘A dedicated wavelength pair for bidirectional transmission serves each node.’
    • ‘The link slave devices and the link controller include protocol logic for communication according to a bidirectional protocol.’
    • ‘Paths through these networks are generally bidirectional, and the concept of a label must be abstracted to the particular technology being signaled.’
    • ‘As Web traffic is real-time and bidirectional, for example, delaying is not really possible.’
    • ‘An edge, however, is bidirectional, meaning you can follow it in both directions.’
    • ‘This bidirectional approach to the data allows the investigation of important issues while maintaining the primacy of the actual data.’
    • ‘Error prevention features cannot be implemented easily without bidirectional connectivity.’
    • ‘The types of communication from one subsystem to another may be unidirectional or bidirectional.’
    • ‘The evidence for tidal influence arises from documentation of bidirectional cross-strata, tidal bundles, tidal rhythmites and periodic variation in foreset thickness.’
    • ‘A single clone was then selected for complete bidirectional sequencing.’
    • ‘The positions of sequences encoding homeodomains are shown by bidirectional arrows.’
    • ‘Stabilizing selection may yield bidirectional effects because an average individual in a population may sometimes be above and sometimes below an optimum for a character.’
    • ‘The much broader climate change claim is bidirectional, and can include such non-temperature-related changes as frequency of storms, and even both droughts and floods.’
    • ‘It is highly likely that the relationship is bidirectional, with drug use playing a role in the commission of crimes and with crime reinforcing drug-using behavior.’
    • ‘With programmability, bidirectional travel, speed, and accessories, the transport pallet can change paths with maximum flexibility.’
    • ‘However, this leaves a problem, namely which gene in a pair of bidirectional protein-coding genes should we consider the sense gene and which the antisense?’
    • ‘However, the nature of the construct lends itself to a bidirectional measure: work interference with family and family interference with work.’



/bʌɪdɪˈrɛkʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /bʌɪdʌɪˈrɛkʃ(ə)n(ə)l/