Meaning of bidri in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪdri/


mass noun
  • An alloy of copper, lead, tin, and zinc, used as a ground for inlaying with gold and silver.

    in combination ‘bidri-ware’
    • ‘Traditional crafts in Maharashtra include weaving and metalwork, as well as local specialties such as Kolhapuri leather sandals, and the Muslim himsa and bidri (metal inlaid with silver) work of Aurangabad.’
    • ‘Around 13 sectors of the CRPF from all over the country have put up stalls to exhibit distinctive items from their regions including cane cushions and caps from Manipur, quilts from Jaipur and bidri work from Madhya Pradesh.’
    • ‘Artistes from different States would showcase their art, be it lac bangle making, bidri work, kalamkari, terracotta and woodcarvings.’
    • ‘The metalwork is unusual in that the Bidri alloy is patinated, forming a deep black surface that contrasts with the various metal inlays.’
    • ‘In any case, by the seventeenth century, zinc was being absorbed in considerable quantity for the production of Bidri-ware which had acquired widespread patronage.’


Late 18th century from Urdu bidrī, from Bidar, the name of a town in India.