Meaning of Biedermeier in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbiːdəˌmʌɪə/


  • Denoting or relating to a style of furniture and interior decoration current in Germany in the period 1815–48, characterized by restraint, conventionality, and utilitarianism.

    ‘Despite regional variations Biedermeier style is therefore staid, sober, and particular, eschewing heroics and drama.’
    • ‘Transparent enameled beakers in the Biedermeier style were manufactured in the late 19th and 20th centuries.’
    • ‘Built in the Empire and Biedermeier styles, the grounds include a turf-roofed sauna and a chapel dating from 1925.’
    • ‘The Biedermeier style in the decorative arts evolved in such cities as Vienna, Munich, and Berlin.’
    • ‘In this case he allowed himself to be influenced by the Austrian Biedermeier style, but he intensified it.’
    • ‘When the Biedermeier style emerged almost simultaneously, it was adopted only by the middle class.’
    • ‘The furnishings, which included many items by furniture maker Biedermeier, were part of a collection built up since the early 1990s.’
    • ‘From the drawing room there's a good selection of Biedermeier furniture, the simpler, heavier version of French Empire style that took Vienna by storm in the first quarter of the 19th century.’
    • ‘In the film, three college students try to balance their mutual attraction through the diligent study of golf, ballroom dancing, and Biedermeier furniture design.’
    • ‘The fundamental concept of all Biedermeier furniture was flat planes of wood, ideal for the application of veneer, which, in turn, dictated the design of the object.’
    • ‘Is the dreadful late Biedermeier furniture really authentic?’
    • ‘The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin are organizing the first exhibition on the Biedermeier period ever to be seen in North America.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the sofas offer examples of Biedermeier design, with one featuring an unusual arrangement of cupboards framing the seat that Catherine has used to display her favourite pieces of Monart glassware.’
    • ‘What of interiority in so-called Biedermeier painting, about which so much interesting work has been done in Germany, Austria, and Central Europe?’
    • ‘Freud's consulting room was partially re-created, complete with his actual couch, antiquities collection, Biedermeier cabinet and Turkish rug.’
    • ‘Many of the playful motifs on these glasses hark back to those found in more straightforward form on rococo or Biedermeier glasses.’
    • ‘The Bohemian glass industry flourished in the Biedermeier period-from about 1815 to 1848-producing cut and enameled glass that was exported throughout Europe and widely imitated.’
    • ‘But he's willing to chat about the Biedermeier era and its inclusion in a play set in the rarified world of 1950s ‘Varsity.’
    • ‘The tastes of this middle-class society are sometimes called Biedermeier, denoting a worthy, even cosy art rather than the revolutionary extravagances of the Romantics.’
    • ‘The Biedermeier age of cosiness and gemutlichkeit collapsed with the Revolutions of 1848.’
    conservative, traditional, traditionalist, conformist, bourgeois, old-fashioned, of the old school


From the name of Gottlieb Biedermaier, a fictitious German provincial schoolmaster and poet created by L. Eichrodt (1854).