Meaning of bifold in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪfəʊld/

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  • Double or twofold.

    ‘Within each doorway are two tiers of double bifold blinds with moveable slats, each tier four feet tall.’
    • ‘We have created a cab/chassis combination that is modified to duplicate the way retail milk has been delivered for years, a bifold side door, a sliding passage door and a large front windshield.’
    • ‘A five-foot wide set of bifold doors with a wood frame would require an opening that was five-foot two-inches in width, and the height would again be 82 inches.’
    • ‘A bank of five bifold French doors stack to either side of the 15-foot-wide opening for a sweeping view west across the Rio Grande Valley.’
    • ‘Today, one would look to the novel as the vehicle for this ambivalent and bifold struggle.’
    • ‘After repairing and replacing key house elements like windows and siding, they inserted a dormer, a porch, and a large, elegant steel-and-glass bifold door.’
    • ‘The company produced a multifaceted bifold office brochure, with CD, office tear sheets, flyers, and special project brochures.’
    • ‘At the other end, bifold louvered doors separated the dining room from the more casual family room.’
    • ‘Similar techniques from social marketing and health promotion were used to develop an eight page, A4, bifold booklet designed specifically for this intervention.’
    • ‘This possibility is linked to the play's exploration of report, reputation and slander and its rhetorical counterpart in the consequences of the bifold authority of language in wit.’
    • ‘And I must admit from the moment we passed through the bifold doors to the rustic brick interior, service was attentive and wait time for meals minimal.’
    • ‘The formerly somewhat dark Hall has been opened up to the Garden and the park by the addition of a beautiful simple room with bifold casement windows on three sides.’
    • ‘For the simplest cards, begin with purchased, single- or bifold cards.’
    • ‘The lockers started as a set of ordinary hollow-core bifold closet doors.’
    • ‘Now one side of the laundry is closed; bifold doors hide the washer and dryer and adjacent wall cabinets.’
    • ‘The door enclosing the washer and dryer slides like a barn door, instead of the typical bifold.’
    • ‘We produce custom made bifold entrance doors for all construction projects.’
    • ‘Hence he adopts an attitude to authority which is bifold - authorities may tell us truths which we cannot ourselves apprehend, or they may hoodwink us with nonsense.’
    • ‘The mission of our group is bifold.’
    • ‘The answer to the question of whether or not miracles occur is bifold in nature, analogous to a coin with two faces on it.’