Meaning of big-breasted in English:



(also big-bosomed)
  • (of a woman) having large breasts.

    ‘big-breasted fantasy women’
    • ‘I walked down to Camps Bay beach the other day expecting to find it littered with big-breasted women from the colder climes.’
    • ‘Chubby and big-breasted, she found herself the butt of playground taunts, and began to become obsessed by her weight.’
    • ‘Despite agreeing to marry Margaret, Decker becomes obsessed with one of his students, a big-breasted blonde named Sandra.’
    • ‘In freshman year of college my roommate was a big-breasted Texan who chain-smoked.’
    • ‘Fourteen-year-old Sandra longs to be more than thin and flat-chested, desiring to be like her friend, Jennifer, voluptuous and big-breasted.’
    • ‘Both films share a similar plot involving big-breasted, unstoppable killing machines, ultra-cheesy special effects, and lots of gunfire and explosions.’
    • ‘Big-breasted Paleolithic figurines had, at one time, represented fertility or nursing goddesses.’
    • ‘Josie is the woman Eugene would have wanted for himself but invented for James: part big-breasted earth goddess, part tenderhearted mother surrogate.’
    • ‘She is a big-breasted, stiletto-wearing bore.’
    • ‘His girlfriend, Champagne, is big-breasted and beautiful.’
    • ‘Occasionally, I'd find pages torn from magazines that others had left there, pictures of big-breasted women with beehive hairdos and men with moustaches and medallions round their necks.’
    • ‘Many heterosexual men obviously fetishise blue-eyed, big-breasted blondes.’
    • ‘Watching the weepy big-breasted girl run away from the bad man seems to be formulaic in horror movies these days.’
    • ‘Joanna notices that all of the women in Stepford are big-breasted, brainless bimbos.’
    • ‘I like big breasted brunettes, as a rule.’
    • ‘At one point, I whistled at this one big breasted blonde who looked to be about sixteen and her father stepped in front of my car and started yelling at me to get out and fight him.’
    large-breasted, big-breasted, full-breasted, heavy-breasted, bosomy, large-bosomed, big-bosomed, full-bosomed