Meaning of big-budget in English:


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  • Involving the expenditure of a large amount of money.

    ‘the book was made into a big-budget Hollywood film’
    • ‘They wanted to make this version of Superman a big-budget movie with an epic feel.’
    • ‘The opening credits and theme are simply fantastic, equivalent to many big-budget efforts.’
    • ‘There are big-budget films that break box office records and wow us with special effects.’
    • ‘No one will confuse these short films with big-budget productions.’
    • ‘This is not the best big-budget motion picture to grace multiplex screens this month.’
    • ‘It is, hands down, the best big budget film of the summer.’
    • ‘It was famous for its big budget epics and its sophisticated leading men and women.’
    • ‘The big-budget ocean adventure opens in the North American theatres on May 12th.’
    • ‘He was never keen to make big-budget films with a huge star cast.’
    • ‘I was watching a big-budget Hollywood comedy.’
    costly, dear, high-priced, high-cost, big-budget, exorbitant, extortionate, overpriced