Meaning of big-mouthed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪɡmaʊðd/

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See big mouth

‘The first of those will, however, remain a mystery to the kind of bigmouthed spectator that gives America a bad name in world sport.’
  • ‘As for the student who dominates class discussions, Woodruff is blunt: ‘No classroom is big enough for two big-mouthed lecturers.’’
  • ‘This is the real problem: not a handful of big-mouthed animal-lovers in anoraks, but a defensiveness about research at the heart of government and the scientific establishment itself.’
  • ‘So VI turned out more like Joan of Arc crossed with Joan Rivers, brave and big-mouthed, someone to do and be all the things Paretsky could not take on herself.’
  • ‘To some, the director-general is an oaf dressed in jester's clothing, a big-mouthed fool with a propensity to put his foot in it.’
  • ‘Where have all our strident editorialists and big-mouthed politicians gone?’