Meaning of big air in English:

big air


  • A high jump in sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and BMX.

    ‘‘It pretty much started with a bunch of skiers pushing themselves more and more, who saw snowboarding and wanted to do half pipe and big airs and land fakie,’ he says.’
    • ‘She will also compete in the big air, in which she finished second last year, and slopestyle disciplines.’
    • ‘The sixteen-year-old rode most of his runs switch, hitting both rails and big airs backwards.’
    • ‘I don't do those radical moves like lots of guys are doing, like big airs or all kinds of 360's, but I believe my boards could do them.’
    • ‘I would have liked to have done a big air or something, but never found the section.’
    • ‘During the season, Ski Acres had constructed a big air kicker as a way of enticing snow shredders to their slopes.’
    • ‘Getting big air off of a jump only to land perfectly on angle with the track on the other side of the jump is simply a blast.’
    • ‘He started out as a downhill skier, but soon moved into freestyle, after he realised he preferred to spend more time in the air than on the snow - he loves big air.’
    • ‘More than 400 competitors from 40 countries will take part in half-pipe, big air, snowboard-cross, parallel giant slalom and parallel slalom.’
    • ‘In a skateboarding game, speed and the ability to get big air on the half-pipe is important for overall gaming enjoyment.’
    • ‘This year sees the introduction of new slope style events, big air and skier and boarder cross competitions too.’
    • ‘My only complaint is that the camera pans somewhat underneath the player on big air; this makes it very difficult to figure out if there is enough room to perform that extra flip.’
    • ‘Their face plants were epic and frequent, but they would get up and go in search of more big air, dumping themselves off ten-foot drops, only to wind up buried in the powder, laughing.’
    • ‘There are rollers, kickers, big air and half pipes.’
    • ‘The training will prepare the riders for the flips and spins needed to compete in provincial half pipe, slope style and big air competitions.’