Meaning of big dry in English:

big dry


Australian the big dry
  • The dry season in any part of Australia.

    ‘a tour of his property revealed the full impact of the big dry’
    • ‘A local wool grower gave him a tour of his property where the full extent of the big dry was evident.’
    • ‘A West Coast farming expert says he is seeing first-hand the pressures being put on farmers battling to combat the effects of the big dry.’
    • ‘The big dry appears to have finally broken for regional farmers, with four district shires given the go-ahead to shake off their drought-declared titles.’
    • ‘There is now speculation that the big dry in Australia's southern states may be a sign of climate change.’
    • ‘Farmers throughout the North Island continue to hope for rain as the big dry bites hard, making conditions for some worse than the 2008 drought.’
    • ‘The big dry is upon us again.’
    • ‘Back on the mainland, parts of Victoria are yet to recover fully from the big dry.’
    • ‘For many Australian farmers, the long drought has eased considerably, but there are plenty who are still waiting for the big dry to end.’
    • ‘When the big dry came along, I wasn't gonna fork out for a commercial car wash.’
    • ‘As Australia lies gripped by the big dry, the nation's proud mascot is turning deadly in the capital.’