Meaning of big media in English:

big media


treated as singular or plural
  • The main means of mass communication, i.e. television, radio, and the press, as opposed to blogs or other personal websites.

    ‘Maybe it is about to get schooled in why you don't make deals with big media.’
    • ‘My conclusions above are based on sophisticated polling methods time-tested by pundits in big media.’
    • ‘The two best columns today provide perspective on the continuing Democratic / big media feeding frenzy.’
    • ‘For a generation brought up with internet access, the top down consensus culture of big media is actually an impediment to gaining information.’
    • ‘From his presidential campaign to his march to war, he has taken great advantage of big media's filtration process.’
    • ‘Influence is moving from big media to the edges.’
    • ‘I'm well aware of the big media's censorship here.’
    • ‘Secondly, the big media is not our friend.’
    • ‘No wonder big media have started to pay attention.’
    • ‘We in big media have owned the printing press for centuries.’
    • ‘Big media will often give a lot of attention to huge architectural projects like towers in Dubai or Shanghai.’
    • ‘In some ways it feels like just a reorganisation of the big media.’
    • ‘Neither is there much sign that British bloggers will move into 'big media' in the way some US bloggers have.’
    • ‘Powell says public outrage is based on misguided fears that big media will ignore local programming.’
    • ‘It would be wrong to set up a system where the big media, like the Post, control all the barrels of ink.’
    • ‘It's not like big media in the United States doesn't have the manpower to cover every single story of national interest.’
    • ‘Coming up next here: blocking big media.’
    • ‘Now he's releasing a book which examines how grassroots journalists are challenging big media's dominant position in news coverage.’
    • ‘Big media claim that we're getting in the way.’
    • ‘The big media continues to ignore the issue.’