Meaning of big mob in English:

big mob


mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • A large number or quantity.

    ‘a busy barrister was likely to have earned big mobs of money over the years’
    • ‘Big paddocks + big mob of sheep = big fun.’
    • ‘She discovered a big mob of girls in Rebecca's bedroom surreptitiously chugging a cache of hidden mini-bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream.’
    • ‘Let's face it, we've got big mobs of land here.’
    • ‘A big mob of other men also agreed to assist.’
    • ‘Remember to use big mobs of vegetables and not too much meat.’
    • ‘I don't support just saying sorry and signing treaties agreeing to hand over big mobs of land and money to anyone with a couple of drops of indigenous blood.’
    • ‘Big mobs of these Indigenous Australians were living together in an incredibly difficult situation, brought about through the policies of the government at the time.’
    • ‘They were fed up with no wages for their 12-hour working days of herding big mobs of cattle across hot, dusty scrubby country by horseback.’
    • ‘I dreamt the kids was all swimmin' in the water, and when I was getting close to them, I looked out and could see a big mob of sharks.’
    • ‘A big mob of kangaroos bounded past the clearing where we all were gathered for the ceremony.’