Meaning of big noter in English:

big noter


informal, derogatory Australian, New Zealand
  • A person who exaggerates their importance or achievements.

    • ‘he was the worst kind of egomaniac, big-noter, and attention seeker’
    • ‘The big-noter passes along the lucrative and confidential investment opportunities he has just received.’
    • ‘The last thing I want to do is sound like a big-noter.’
    • ‘He has been lampooned as a big-noter.’
    • ‘He was a big-noter who was forced out of the association.’
    • ‘The last time this tech entrepreneur and serial big-noter appeared on the program, he had a few controversial things to say about the prime minister.’
    • ‘He seems to be a big-noter only when he can't change things.’
    • ‘Not rubbing it in guys, because I am not a big-noter, just a battler like most of us.’
    • ‘She's no big-noter, and she is hilariously self-deprecating.’
    • ‘There is no bigger big-noter than this guy whose own actions of alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour are well below par.’
    • ‘They saw me as a bit of a prat, but at least I wasn't a big-noter.’