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big science

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mass noun informal
  • Scientific research that is expensive and involves large teams of scientists.

    • ‘And pure academic research and big science attract an even different personality type.’
    • ‘Earth science is mostly small-scale and dispersed, whereas big science and medicine have bigger, more cash-rich installations with more money to devote to telling the world how worthwhile they are.’
    • ‘PAUL VANOUSE has been working in emerging technological media since 1990, critically exploring the intersections of big science and popular culture.’
    • ‘In effect, the New England Journal of Medicine had to grapple with the current economic realities of big science.’
    • ‘But big science is not driven exclusively by problems requiring large, expensive instruments.’
    • ‘That's because it's big science, and thus big politics are involved to make it happen.’
    • ‘Medical physicist Prof Jones, 63, said: ‘This is really big science and it requires a whole institute set up especially to do it.’’
    • ‘Mullis recommends the ‘Public Choice’ ideas of James Buchanan, 1986 Nobel prizewinning economist, to anyone trying to find out how publicly funded big science actually works.’
    • ‘He has concluded that big science, well funded in Western culture, has become like the medieval church that most scientists despise.’
    • ‘Dreams of big science are still being dreamed, and they are all based on the earliest dream of them all, the voyage of HMS Challenger between 1872 and 1876.’
    • ‘If we're going to spend a trillion dollars on big science - something I could easily be persuaded to support - there are loads of better places for it than this.’
    • ‘Their suggested schemes were judged not good enough to be viable, especially in an era when federal budget woes were putting the brakes on other big science projects.’
    • ‘Thus the search for these waves, which started as small science in one professor's laboratory, ends up as a paradigmatic example of big science.’
    • ‘It's not about big business or big science being evil.’
    • ‘The world, in general, is a little bit skeptical of big science.’
    • ‘In terms of ideas, it is the biggest of big science.’
    • ‘The split between small and big science is inevitably a source of tension.’
    • ‘It is just one example of the modern marriage between big science and the big screen.’
    • ‘In a way, Lavoisier's science was the big science of his day.’
    • ‘Well, up next, CBS anchor Dan Rather stirs up a fuss when he seems to admit that TV can't compete with print on some of the big science stories.’