Meaning of big society in English:

big society


British usually the big society
  • A concept whereby a significant amount of responsibility for the running of a society is devolved to local communities and volunteers.

    ‘Our alternative to big government is the big society.’
    • ‘He reportedly added: "The corollary of the big society is the smaller state."’
    • ‘We have to strengthen families and reform schools so we can start to build the big society.’
    • ‘Moreover, the government sets much store in a belief that the "big society" can fill gaps left by cuts to public spending.’
    • ‘In its place will come a total transformation, he said, "from unchecked individualism to national unity and purpose, from big government to the big society."’
    • ‘Indeed, Labour will make a great mistake if they put themselves on the opposite and wrong side of the idea at the heart of the big society.’
    • ‘The 'big society' is about big spending cuts and a big risk.’
    • ‘A big society needs people anchored in place and blessed with time, yet Conservative economics grants neither except to the well-off.’
    • ‘The big society idea pretends to devolve power, but will actually devolve accountability away from the state.’
    • ‘But we understand that the big society is not just going to spring to life on its own: we need strong and concerted government action to make it happen.’
    • ‘For the Tories, that means nurturing the "big society" to fill the gap that opens when the state is rolled back.’
    • ‘You can't have a big society unless its citizens feel that they own a stake in it.’
    • ‘I think Marquand is right to suggest that the "big society" is a challenge to Labour, and for the centre-left more generally.’
    • ‘This week, amid much fanfare, the Prime Minister outlined how his Big Society idea could help transform communities.’
    • ‘The Tory vision of the Big Society plays strongly into these new political realities.’
    • ‘But Mr Clegg today insisted that the Lib Dem agenda has a great deal in common with Mr Cameron's Big Society proposals.’
    • ‘But the Prime Minister's warm words about a Big Society are little more than a cover for deep and ideological cuts to local services.’
    • ‘What we are doing is not dissimilar to the Big Society message of the coalition.’
    • ‘It helps that the Conservative government has already moved to a more communitarian "Big Society" governing philosophy.’
    • ‘The second noteable thing about the Tories 'Big Society' is that, for all its anti-state posturing, it will not increase people's freedom and choices.’