Meaning of Big Sunday in English:

Big Sunday


  • (in traditional Aboriginal culture) a major religious ceremony.

    ‘he was heavily involved in organizing Big Sunday’
    • ‘It would have been a shame to overexpose her before Big Sunday.’
    • ‘Among the Waibiri of the central west of the Northern Territory, the ritual complex is known as Big Sunday in Aboriginal English.’
    • ‘The name 'Chunday' is clearly a linguistic reinterpretation of the term 'Sunday' or 'Big Sunday', which was an Aboriginal-English term for large regional religious ceremonies.’
    • ‘His last statement on Murinbata religion is an unpublished document entitled 'Big Sunday at Peppiminarti'.’
    • ‘This traditional law is the same as the Big Sunday which Stanner encountered in the 1930s and which the administration prohibited.’
    • ‘He recounts men's enthusiasm when they were introduced to, and inducted into, a new religious form of practice called Big Sunday.’
    • ‘The problems surrounding Whitefellas' perceptions of Big Sunday concern ritual sex, and she analyses these issues in excellent multifaceted detail.’
    • ‘At first he describes Big Sunday, almost dismissively, as 'a compensatory outlet' but a moment later he dignifies it with a 'concern for the continuity of life'.’
    • ‘He did not share Harney's confidence about the origin of Big Sunday.’
    • ‘She sees in Big Sunday an imagination expanded by the experience of the most barbarous of frontiers, offering evidence of a continuing spiritual presence.’