Meaning of big tent in English:

big tent


  • Used in reference to a political party's policy of permitting or encouraging a broad spectrum of views among its members.

    as modifier ‘we're running a big-tent campaign’
    • ‘‘I believe the Democratic Party is a big-tent party and should speak to the aspirations of everyone under the tent, from the poor to the middle class,’ Mr. Davis said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.’
    • ‘So how does a big-tent party authentically define itself in terms of faith, values, and religion without offending or even worse, seeming false or wishy-washy?’
    • ‘Schwarzenegger's election demonstrates how much the national party can gain by embracing a big-tent strategy.’
    • ‘We want the Sierra Club to be a big-tent organization.’
    • ‘The cause of science advocacy is a big-tent issue, one which citizens of any creed or religion can endorse.’
    • ‘Has taken unpopular but correct decisions but only time will tell whether his big-tent approach to reform can match the achievements of more radical English moves.’
    • ‘In building his coalition, Norquist has made a conscious strategic decision to go with a big-tent approach.’
    • ‘The British may have become cynical about his Honest Tony oratory and big-tent politics, but on the unsuspecting mainland, they still worked their magic.’
    • ‘And I think what is important is what Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated, as George W. Bush is demonstrating, is that we are big-tent Republicans.’
    • ‘Most or all of these would have been anathema in the era of big-tent Cold War liberalism; in an age where the individual's duty to the state is no longer so clear, we live with them comfortably.’
    • ‘It is Hobson's Choice for big-tent, small-l libertarians like myself.’
    • ‘Republicans: The Republican Party is a big tent.’
    • ‘But if - I always say if the Republican and Democratic Parties can have big tents, why can't the Libertarian Party have a big tent?’
    • ‘Occasionally, though, this big-tent, cultural-populism approach demands to be ditched, and exponents of fearless, questioning, difficult art hailed for pushing their chosen form to another level.’
    • ‘Part of our big tent in the Louisiana Democratic Party are gay and lesbian people.’
    • ‘However, the media only likes stories which indicate that Democrats are a big tent party.’
    • ‘This much is clear: religious conservatives have won their place in the GOP's big tent.’
    • ‘So when we harm parties and support smaller groups, we discourage that big-tent non-ideology which keeps all the factions in line.’