Meaning of big wet in English:

big wet


Australian, New Zealand
  • the big wetThe rainy season in any part of Australia.

    ‘we carried out more maintenance in preparation for the big wet’
    • ‘The events of that month are described in the article entitled "The Big Wet, January 1974", under the flood menu item.’
    • ‘Lake Argyle has a capacity 28 times the volume of Sydney Harbour and is touched up every year by the big wet.’
    • ‘We thought their team looked more at home in the big wet.’
    • ‘We've discovered ourselves to be a dry city largely unprepared for the big wet, something that might be worth some thought if global weather patterns really are shifting.’
    • ‘She was excited to move to a house where she wouldn't have to move during big wets, but was concerned about those still living in the flood zone.’
    • ‘Just as the region was recovering from February floods, rivers again burst banks, homes were under water and roads closed during the second big wet of the year.’
    • ‘The film The Big Wet is a striking visual record of a particular wet season in the tropical north of Australia.’
    • ‘The temperatures are always warm, with a six-month dry season and a long rainy season known as the big wet.’
    • ‘If this event were being held anywhere else, after the big wet that seems to have been rolling through Victoria for the last six months, it would be dead as a spectacle already.’
    • ‘Insurers took another $733 million hit from January's big wet in Queensland and NSW.’