Meaning of bigly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪɡli/


informal, mainly humorous
  • To a great extent; on a large scale.

    • ‘we are going to reduce taxes bigly’
    • ‘the crowd erupted bigly as never before’
    • ‘We're going to win bigly, believe me.’
    • ‘Whatever the hell is happening, is happening pretty bigly.’
    • ‘They made it free for everyone and instructed people to go forth and write bigly with it.’
    • ‘They got it wrong, bigly.’
    • ‘You should be concerned, bigly, about the pickle that your country is in.’
    • ‘It seems someone bigly ignored some basic security measures.’
    • ‘Traders and investors actually remain far more focused on interest rates, which jumped bigly once again Monday morning. ’
    • ‘Under his tax plan, the wealthy can expect to benefit bigly.’
    • ‘My teenage son is a gamer — bigly — and I've wrestled with how proactive I should be in monitoring an activity he's clearly passionate about.’
    • ‘I think he'd enjoy the show bigly.’
    considerably, greatly, much, very much, a great deal, to a great extent, to a large extent, a lot, lots, a great deal, a fair amount


Late Middle English (meaning ‘with great force’): from big + -ly. Rare from the late19th century until 2016, it was revived as a result of its association with President Donald Trump, whose adverbial use of big league in speech (to mean 'by a considerable amount') was widely misinterpreted as ‘bigly’.