Meaning of bilge keel in English:

bilge keel


  • Each of a pair of plates or timbers fastened under the sides of the hull of a ship to provide lateral resistance to the water, prevent rolling, and support its weight in dry dock.

    ‘As I reached the bilge keel, the ship was still moving through the water, the ship's side was horizontal and I was standing upright. It was now or never and I took a deep breath and jumped.’
    • ‘Royal Navy ice patrol ship HMS Endurance has struck an uncharted rock in Antarctica, holing her bilge keel.’
    • ‘She was slipped to fit the ship with bilge keels in order to provide a better sea-keeping capability.’
    • ‘There are no bilge keels, but stabilisation is achieved by a combination of fin stabilisers from Blohm and Voss and a controlled passive tank system supplied by Intering.’
    • ‘The warhead would be strung on a line clamped between each of the unfortunate target vessel's bilge keels, with a timer set to detonate after two hours.’
    • ‘The keel is arranged in box form to carry ballast, and profiled bilge keels are fitted.’
    • ‘A box keel carries ballast, and the vessel is fitted with profiled bilge keels.’
    • ‘There is a demand for deep fin and bilge keel, which is evenly balanced, but availability of boats is generally fin, with fewer of the bilge keel 25s coming onto the market.’
    • ‘Can any explain the advantage of a bilge keel compared to a conventional keel?’
    • ‘Sizing computations for bilge keels and anti-roll fins were made for one hull form for various stabilized configurations.’