Meaning of biliously in English:



See bilious

‘I love the headlines like Cow Stuck in Bog, I love the biliously vile and garish colours of headlines in Leisure mixed with pictures placed at jaunty angles.’
  • ‘There's no critic like a dead critic - a point well proved by this biliously funny adaptation of Thomas Bernhard's 1985 novel about a celebrated music writer, with which the Vienna Burgtheater makes its long-overdue British debut.’
  • ‘The looming war has already become deeply and biliously ideological.’
  • ‘More biliously scornful of the efforts of every colleague who challenged him?’
  • ‘It is not his fault if Waugh's world view seeps too biliously through the pictures, or if one of the central actors has been drastically miscast.’
  • ‘Pooja Shah's Manni goes biliously to the dogs as she swigs from the vodka bottle with naked desperation.’