Meaning of bill of costs in English:

bill of costs



  • A solicitor's account of charges and expenses incurred while carrying out a client's business.

    ‘Form of bill of costs for contentious business.’
    • ‘The next step is to apply that principle by formulating a bill of costs which takes account of this judgment and the earlier cases.’
    • ‘The Defendants note that as yet this matter has not been compromised and therefore contend that this generic bill of costs and the individual bills of costs are wholly disproportionate to the issues and the matters involved.’
    • ‘Thereafter his solicitors served a bill of costs seeking payment of £4, 089.25.’
    • ‘After the conclusion of any contentious business carried out for a client, a solicitor must show on a bill of costs to be given to a client.’
    • ‘I am provided with a copy of Mr. Sloan's account to his client, as well as his bill of costs as presented to the court.’
    • ‘I trust that none of the amounts claimed in the bill of costs will form part of a later bill of costs for the same period.’
    • ‘It says nothing as to whether or not the particular category of representative is entitled to costs, or whether his client is entitled to have him feature on his bill of costs.’
    • ‘When Mr Botham's solicitor and own client costs were assessed, Mr Desai was sent the bill of costs but did not have access to the underlying materials.’
    • ‘Solicitors should not wait until submitting the bill of costs.’
    • ‘I therefore agree that the client care letter or any contentious business agreement should be attached to the bill of costs.’
    • ‘In 1918 the solicitor was required to serve a particularised bill of costs.’
    • ‘Did he give any reasons that you remember for allowing the solicitors to put in their bill of costs?’
    • ‘This is Rixon v Bryett and perhaps I can hand to your Honour a copy of bill of costs which was served on me by Minter Ellison…’
    • ‘In the bill of costs, the amounts billed are calculated at the maximums for certain of the lawyers and at amounts close to the maximums for the others.’
    • ‘I note that the wife's solicitors' bill of costs shows a different result for partial indemnity, substantial indemnity and full indemnity.’
    • ‘In the bill of costs, there is a ‘throw in’ charge for 400 miscellaneous photocopies.’
    • ‘Precedents A, B, C and D in the Schedule of Costs Precedents annexed to this Practice Direction are model forms of bills of costs for detailed assessment.’
    • ‘They are complete self-contained bills of costs to date.’
    • ‘Attending to a review by a suitably qualified costs draftsman of the appointed representatives' disbursements and the bill of costs of the opponent's representatives in cases where there is a claim under the insurance.’