Meaning of bill of indictment in English:

bill of indictment


historical North American
  • A written accusation as presented to a grand jury.

    ‘Bellamy is especially good at clarifying the various methods - individual appeal, jury presentment, or bills of indictment - by which accusations were lodged against suspected felons,’
    • ‘(a) where the original proceedings were stayed by the Crown Court, by preferring a bill of indictment;’
    • ‘(b) no application for leave to prefer a bill of indictment shall be made by him without the leave of the High Court.’
    • ‘(a) no further proceedings may be brought on the dismissed charge or charges except by means of the preferment of a voluntary bill of indictment; and’
    • ‘Five months later, the Baltimore City Grand Jury will return a true bill of indictment charging both of the men with Murder in the First Degree.’
    • ‘Far from denying that any such horror had occurred - and it is one of the smaller elements in the bill of indictment - Clark asserted that it was justifiable.’
    • ‘Indeed, much of the book reads like a bill of indictment against General Korner, Krupp and Loewe, Germanophile Chilean generals and politicians, the German Foreign Office, and even Kaiser Wilhelm himself.’
    • ‘He has 10 days to do so, counting from the moment he acquaints himself with the bill of indictment.’
    • ‘This isn't the place to outline the bill of indictment I'd enter against Teilhard.’
    • ‘The bill of indictment accuses them of ‘political extremism’ and ‘inciting religious hatred’.’
    • ‘42 Bill of indictment and writ of arrest for Robert Letson, October 21, 1880, bill of indictment of Robert Letson, October 22, 1880, and bail bond for Robert Letson, December 18, 1880, all in folder 67, box 196, Loose Court Documents, LCA.’
    • ‘‘If this law had been passed, Dr Naraynsingh would have been slapped with Section 23 b - Involuntary bill of indictment - without going to a magistrate's court and having his matter probed,’ said Panday.’
    • ‘He pleaded not guilty after the prosecution's bill of indictment was read out.’
    allegation, charge, claim, assertion, asseveration, attribution, incrimination, imputation, denouncement, indictment, arraignment, citation, inculpation, blame, condemnation, criticism, complaint