Meaning of billfish in English:



nounplural noun billfish, plural noun billfishes

  • A large, fast-swimming fish of open seas, with a streamlined body and a long pointed snout. It occurs on the surface in warmer waters and is a popular sporting fish.

    Family Istiophoridae: three genera and several species, including the marlins, sailfish, and spearfish

    ‘Leave the oceans' bluefin tunas and billfish and sea turtles alone, but pay no attention to the man behind the curtain - as he shovels redfish into the boiler.’
    • ‘Fish species like tunas, seerfishes, billfishes and mackerels fall in this category.’
    • ‘The fastest-swimming fish are the billfish and the tunas.’
    • ‘As our understanding of large marine predators increases, the critical role of concentrations of mesopelagic cephalopods in the lives of such species as elephant seals, billfishes and tuna is becoming clear.’
    • ‘Harvesting of swordfish, sharks, billfish, and tunas in the Atlantic is regulated by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas.’
    • ‘Records from fishing boats highlight four areas showing unusual diversity in sharks, tuna, billfishes, and other big predators, says Boris Worm of the Institute for Marine Science in Kiel, Germany.’
    • ‘We know that there has been a big shift already - we are replacing big tuna and billfish with things like snake mackerel and pelagic stingrays.’
    • ‘However, aside from anecdotal reports of color changes in various pelagic fish, particularly billfish, little else is known.’
    • ‘Some are larger and more colorful than others, and deep-water rigs offer the occasional glimpse at a tuna or even a billfish.’
    • ‘The ultimate challenge for the shorefisherman is probably a billfish or tuna from the shore, and Australia is one of the few places in the world for that.’
    • ‘Finding that these men who fished for the billfish monsters were as alike, and yet as different as it were possible to be, to each other and to myself.’
    • ‘If funds permit, then a mixed itinerary that includes billfish, tarpon, bonefish, or even dorado, is well within the scope of a two or three week expedition.’
    • ‘She is investigating if tuna, marlin and other billfish see colours and movements differently, which could help make more specific fishing techniques, reducing unnecessary and illegal catches.’
    • ‘Bluewater big-game fishing for marlin and other billfish is not only a challenge for the angler, but also for the boat captain and crew.’
    • ‘Past longline catch data from these areas show that an unacceptably high level of juvenile swordfish and billfish are being landed.’
    • ‘But in the billfish big leagues it can take $5,000 or more - sometimes way more - just to play in a game where payouts of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands, are at stake.’
    • ‘They strike the bait with such power when they leap into the air that a strong line is an absolute must since a billfish of that caliber and poundage can make a line with an 80 pound breaking sprain seem like thread under all that pressure.’
    • ‘‘A lot of time men's glory comes from the kill,’ says Bierman, who releases all her billfish, even in tournaments.’
    • ‘When you try to hook a billfish and miss, all you recover is the hook and the head of the ballyhoo (the herring-like baitfish); hence the corruption, San Cocho.’
    • ‘He rated billfish the supreme species because, wait for it, they jumped.’