Meaning of Billings method in English:

Billings method


  • A system for finding the time of ovulation by examining cervical mucus. It can be used as a form of birth control by avoiding sexual intercourse at that time.

    ‘She said she introduced the Billings method to all couples who came to her for a pregnancy examination.’
    • ‘But, he warned, although the Billings method is much more effective, it still doesn't work for everyone.’
    • ‘In India an estimated 10 million people have been introduced to the Billings method over the past decade.’
    • ‘If this is not acceptable for various reasons, then other methods including the Billings method could be used.’
    • ‘The Billings method of natural contraception was researched and developed in Melbourne, Australia.’
    • ‘Dr Billings - who has devoted his life to the promotion of the Billings method of birth control - also said birth control has ‘an obsessional place’ in my mind.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the Billings method is quite ineffective for people who need to take the contraceptive pill for other medical reasons.’
    • ‘If a married couple is using the Billings method to put off children forever or indefinitely, there isn't much difference.’
    • ‘[TOP] Sympto-Thermal Method This is a combination of the Billings method and the Basal Body Temperature method.’
    • ‘Such knowledge has long been incorporated into the successful rules of the Billings method.’
    • ‘The Billings method was developed by Australian doctors John and Evelyn Billings.Their method involves observing changes in a woman's cervical mucus to determine when she is most fertile.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, NFP proponents pointed to the fact that China has successfully used the Billings method with millions of women.’
    • ‘The first type of natural methods is the Billings method.’


1960s named after Drs John and Evelyn Billings, who devised the method.