Meaning of billionth in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪlɪənθ/

ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number one billion in a sequence; 1,000,000,000th.

    ‘the birth of India's billionth citizen’
    • ‘This year, we celebrated the one billionth track download.’
    • ‘A few days ago the billionth user signed up to the social network.’
    • ‘The cost of producing the billionth pill is nothing compared with the cost of developing the first one.’
    • ‘Humans hit their billionth heartbeat at around age 25.’
    • ‘We are just hours away from our billionth download.’
    • ‘The singer celebrated the billionth view of her song on Twitter Tuesday night.’
    • ‘By some estimates the restaurant chain will serve its 300 billionth burger in the near future.’
    • ‘In March the company shipped its 4 billionth DVD.’
    • ‘The New York Times reported that the seven billionth human had arrived on the planet.’
    • ‘The billionth smartphone hit store shelves just one year after the first one.’
    1. 1.1 informal Constituting an unspecified but very large number in a sequence.
      • ‘I was late again for the billionth time’
      • ‘This is the billionth time this plot line has been used in a sitcom.’
      • ‘Let them embrace their inner geek, without having to play Dungeons and Dragons for the billionth time.’
      • ‘Laura complained about Anita for the billionth time.’
      • ‘For the billionth week in a row, it proved why it's a show that everyone everywhere should be watching.’
      • ‘He's the billionth talented youngster to get a call to the majors as an injury replacement.’
      • ‘The film spends its billionth week in the top five.’
      • ‘The show is back on for its billionth season and I have no clue if anyone is watching.’
      • ‘Let me pause the movie, while you run to the bathroom for the billionth time.’
      • ‘He got it the ten billionth time you mentioned it.’
      • ‘As I try on the billionth dress that doesn't fit, Chloe puts them all away and drags me outside.’
  • 2Each of one billion equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘particles so small they're measured in billionths of a metre’
    • ‘Radio waves all travel at the same speed: about one foot in a billionth of a second.’
    • ‘Its surface is a forest of spikes just 500 nanometres - 500 billionths of a metre - high.’
    • ‘The sample is vaporized in less than 10 billionths of a second.’
    • ‘A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.’
    • ‘Their experiments detected as little as one billionth of a gram of the target molecule from a drop of liquid.’
    • ‘Nanotechnology is engineering on scales of a billionth of a metre.’
    • ‘A nanoparticle one billionth of a meter long may hold the key to a new concept of magnetic imaging in the brain.’
    • ‘The team finally spotted the vortices when the gas was cooled to 50 billionths of a degree Kelvin.’
    • ‘It may take several months to simulate the trillions of interactions that happen in just a few billionths of a second.’
    • ‘The whole process happens at temperatures within a few billionths of a degree.’