Meaning of billy tea in English:

billy tea


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • Tea brewed in a billy.

    ‘he joined the rest of the drovers for more billy tea’
    • ‘Criss-crossing the creek, this easy walk will head down the valley to the reservoir, finishing with billy tea at the dam wall.’
    • ‘Bring a torch, a rug to sit on, and a cup to join us for a cup of billy tea after the walk.’
    • ‘The ladies will once again provide their complimentary billy tea and damper, while the band will provide entertainment.’
    • ‘The tour, which will include billy tea in the gardens, will be limited to around 25, so bookings are essential.’
    • ‘Our guide made some billy tea and provided damper, which is best eaten warm with butter or golden syrup.’
    • ‘Children gathered there every Friday night to eat bread and saveloys and drink billy tea from water boiled on the fire.’
    • ‘Maybe they could ride pushbikes while reciting The Man From Snowy River and sipping billy tea.’
    • ‘Michael makes the billy tea over an open fire, lays out cups and scones, and enlivens the discussions of American movies.’
    • ‘Two staples from earlier times are damper, an unleavened bread cooked over a fire, and billy tea, a strong, robust hot drink brewed in an open pot.’
    • ‘This morning, townspeople are sitting around campfires, drinking billy tea and pondering questions about Australian icon Ned Kelly.’