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Pronunciation /bʌɪˈmʌnθli/

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  • Done, produced, or occurring twice a month or every two months.

    ‘a bimonthly newsletter’
    • ‘A quarterly or bimonthly newsletter gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and gives your readers useful information at the same time.’
    • ‘Sports Medicine Update is AOSSM's bimonthly newsletter on all the latest Society and orthopaedic sports medicine news.’
    • ‘Forecast is American Demographics' bimonthly newsletter devoted to census coverage.’
    • ‘Also included in society membership is Percussion News, a bimonthly newsletter containing information about membership activities, industry news and upcoming events, and a special Percussive Notes Research Edition.’
    • ‘For more information about green taxes worldwide - including in US - visit the website of Green Budget Germany, where you can also sign up for the bimonthly newsletter.’
    • ‘For the inside story about Club conservation campaigns and how you can get more involved, ask for a free subscription to the bimonthly print news-letter the Planet.’
    • ‘Here you can also subscribe to Musings - a free bimonthly marketing newsletter packed with articles, tips and resources.’
    • ‘In November 2001, Eden Prairie, Minn. based Life Time Fitness, which owns 26 gyms across the country, transformed its newsletter into a bimonthly magazine, Experience Life.’
    • ‘The next month, in one of her bimonthly town hall meetings with her 220 employees, Laybourne announced she was switching the name to the much more innocuous Good Girls Don't.’
    • ‘The IPPA / Royal & SunAlliance National Photographic Awards are judged on a bimonthly basis with over 1000 submissions being awarded either Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze crests.’
    • ‘Dedi Haryadi, a researcher and chief editor of bimonthly bulletin Bujet in Bandung, West Java, urged a phasing out all non-budgetary funds and verification of all spending by state institutions and enterprises by the BPK.’
    • ‘The UW Students for the Exploration and Development of Space organize monthly and bimonthly sky diving trips, so if you're itching to get your adrenaline pumping, join other UW students who share your lust for adventure.’
    • ‘In addition to the modelling gigs, Silvstedt cohosts a weekly Italian pop culture/current affairs program, Fenomeni, as well as a bimonthly gig cohosting the British fashion series, Eurotrash.’
    • ‘Guangdong's Environmental Protection Bureau has held bimonthly monitoring in the area since July 2003 and the most recent sampling found the water complied with national standards, Liao said.’
    • ‘The Washington Free Press, a Seattle-based progressive bimonthly newspaper, has had stories in Project Censored's top twenty-five in three out of the past five years.’
    • ‘The Hardsteppers collective has been around since the glory days of drum & bass in Montreal, when they held down a three-year residency at Angels and hosted bimonthly events at Sona.’
    • ‘Some of the presentations are available to watch as QuickTime movies, if you prefer not to read, and keen thinkers can have a bimonthly e-mail of the latest discussions delivered to their inbox.’
    • ‘Such women could organize monthly or bimonthly meetings and hold discussions regarding issues pertaining to women's health and education, etc.’
    • ‘Bill and Al's flourishing line of bimonthly comics brought the dead-of-night short story to lurid, four-color life.’
    • ‘He said that any additional costs would have to be looked at by the steering committee and bimonthly reports would be brought before the finance committee.’


  • Twice a month or every two months.

    ‘the magazine appears bimonthly’
    • ‘Chairman of the Police Community Consultative Committee, he meets with residents bimonthly at the police station and says everyone agrees more police would help.’
    • ‘Conformance tests: the project releases its conformance test suites bimonthly.’
    • ‘An active CAB should meet regularly, weekly or biweekly during the start-up stage, and then monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly throughout the duration of the project.’
    • ‘Published bimonthly by the Alan Guttmacher Institute’
    • ‘But in the end, the main thing that sells in comic books is the periodical that comes out once a month or bimonthly.’
    • ‘Membership meetings are held monthly, or bimonthly, or quarterly.’
    • ‘Between seeing patients full-time, writing the Placebo Journal bimonthly, and producing the Placebo Gazette every other week I am always on the go.’
    • ‘Starting with this volume, the journal will be published bimonthly.’
    • ‘One other interesting thing about this predecessor journal it was published bimonthly.’
    • ‘It was published bimonthly for nine issues, then monthly from April 1954, by which time it was selling, according to one account, 750,000 copies - more than half-again as many as EC's top horror titles.’
    • ‘It will print quarterly beginning in March; Perkins aims for bimonthly next year.’
    • ‘You want a poor kid, have one when you're young and the father's contribution consists of bimonthly Pamper drops.’
    • ‘If microalbuminuria or later stages of nephropathy are present, the test should be repeated bimonthly in order to classify the level of albumin in the urine.’
    • ‘Ten plants were collected from both a turlough basin population and a damp ruderal population bimonthly for a year.’
    • ‘This is also evident in every issue of Anthropology News, published nine times a year by the American Anthropological Association, and Anthropology Today, published bimonthly by the Royal Anthropological Institute.’
    • ‘Wine Adventure, to be published bimonthly, focuses on the ‘softer’ side of wine, with a lively mix of articles that will enhance readers' knowledge and enjoyment of wine, without taking the subject too seriously.’
    • ‘Diet components were sampled bimonthly, and chemical composition was determined (AgSource Soil and Forage Laboratory, Bonduel, WI).’
    • ‘Platoon leaders and platoon sergeants complete ‘train-the-trainer’ certification and are tasked to conduct this training bimonthly for all soldiers in the company.’
    • ‘Plant litterfall was collected bimonthly by means of open collectors located under each selected plant.’
    • ‘In the months before Flavia, a 19-year-old mother, gave birth to her first child, the local community health worker began making bimonthly visits.’
    • ‘A group of CPAs and attorneys, who meet bimonthly to discuss tax subjects, agreed that it is impossible to generate a general rule.’
    • ‘If you want to maintain the plant after bloom, encourage growth by watering regularly and feeding bimonthly with liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength.’
    • ‘Collection of samples.- Blood samples were collected bimonthly from March 2000 to January 2001.’

nounplural noun bimonthlies

  • A periodical produced twice a month or every two months.

    ‘In order to overcome this difficult period, we have decided to change BOWLING DIGEST'S frequency from a bimonthly to a quarterly.’
    • ‘In 2001, we went from a quarterly to a bimonthly.’
    • ‘Instead, his bimonthly compiles and summarizes the reviews in major newspapers and runs features that put context on books and authors, both current and classic.’
    • ‘The growth of the magazine Fine Woodworking from its start as a quarterly in 1975 with a circulation of 20,000 to a bimonthly with a circulation of 250,000 in 1985 is an indication of the success of the studio movement.’
    • ‘Ursula Owen is editor and chief executive of Index on Censorship, a position she has held since joining the London-based bimonthly in the fall of 1993.’
    • ‘Quest Magazine (not to be confused with the bimonthly about living with neuromuscular disease) features in its April issue The Quest 400, their annual list of Manhattan's social elite.’
    • ‘This bimonthly hits the mark with the same luxe-lifestyle positioning as its American Express siblings.’
    • ‘The slick bimonthly will cover beauty, fashion, home, garden, and travel.’
    • ‘As a result, standings, results, and directories weren't as necessary from a bimonthly.’
    • ‘Hachette purchased it in 1995 and tried to stop the hemorrhaging by turning it into a bimonthly.’
    • ‘The bimonthly began as a Duke University newsletter packed with trivia, like the number of kids worldwide who play with Legos and the year Pez was invented.’
    • ‘The Little Magazine is a bimonthly targeted at the highly educated, intelligent and aware reader.’
    • ‘It was sponsored by the Chris Craft and Century boat clubs, the Gar Wood Society and Classic Boating magazine, a stunning bimonthly published by the Wangard family of Oconomowoc, WI.’
    • ‘An Article appearing in The Scientist - a bimonthly that supplies current information for ‘life scientists’ - has alarmed our reader Michael Watters, and rightly so.’
    • ‘Two newspapers were banned recently or at least one has had its circulation cutback from a weekly to a bimonthly and another banned completely.’
    • ‘We'll definitely be checking this vibrant Minnesota bimonthly out in the future.’
    • ‘Indeed, they're talking up plans to double circulation to 100,000 by going bimonthly in 2003.’
    • ‘Capparell says he invested $250,000 in the bimonthly and expects it to be profitable by the third issue.’
    • ‘Having beefed up its marketing department with an ad-sales rep, a designer, and an associate editor, the company launched the 80-page bimonthly Chip Scale Review.’
    • ‘New newspapers include Al Riazy al Jadeed, a sports weekly, and the Baghdad Bulletin, an English-language bimonthly launched by American college students studying in Lebanon.’
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