Meaning of binge watching in English:

binge watching


(also binge viewing)
mass noun
  • The practice of watching multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid succession, typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming.

    ‘people who watch television online say they regularly indulge in binge watching’
    • ‘All eight episodes of each series will be posted online all at once for binge watching.’
    • ‘Has binge watching changed the way we live our lives?’
    • ‘A lower episode count encourages binge-watching.’
    • ‘It was supposed to be spectacular, appointment TV in this era of DVRs and binge watching.’
    • ‘Does seven episodes in a row count as binge watching?’
    • ‘'Tis the season for TV binge-watching.’
    • ‘Netflix plans to stream the series once it airs on TV, which means there's going to be a ton of binge-watching.’
    • ‘Analysts say the move will help the BBC meet modern demands for binge viewing.’
    • ‘Before you start planning your summer binge viewing, find out when your favorite broadcast shows are ending.’
    • ‘He is primarily focused on nabbing viewers aged 15-to-25 years, a demographic especially prone to on-demand, binge-viewing.’