Meaning of binocs in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈnɒks/

plural noun

short for binoculars
‘The asteroid may be visible in 35 mm binoculars, but I recommend using larger binocs or a telescope and traveling to a dark-sky site if possible.’
  • ‘I found my camera, but the binocs weren't in their usual spot.’
  • ‘I hurried back to the house for my binocs and camera and spent the next few minutes observing the bird.’
  • ‘We went down to the boat landing, where Dick soaked barrels while I went looking, binocs and camera in hand.’
  • ‘I buy my cameras, spectacles, binocs, etc. assuming they'll be dropped and splattered, and they should hold up to this misuse.’
  • ‘Exchanging my ski poles for my binocs and camera, I walked back alongside the ski trail.’
  • ‘You should be able to see surface details with a low power telescope, or high end binocs.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, club member Larry Goode had a pair of 12 63 Orion binocs with mylar filters taped over them, attached to an observing chair and pointed at the Sun.’
  • ‘Without my binocs, it looked like a chickadee, but as I raised them, I realized it was a Blackpoll Warbler - a bright male with white cheeks, streaked sides, and neon legs.’
  • ‘It continued coming closer, and I lowered binocs.’
  • ‘I'm sure they've got someone across the street watching us with the binocs, and making notes on our every move.’
  • ‘I thought one had a white rump, and as I followed them around in my binocs, I came across a huge, very strange-looking bird.’
  • ‘If it's clear where you are, grab a pair of binocs and go get it!’
  • ‘It didn't sound like a Song Sparrow, I thought as I lifted my binocs, but perhaps that was a flight call.’
  • ‘I haven't seen it yet myself but may try to find it with binocs this evening if the weather cooperates.’
  • ‘Spence was able to get binocs on a kinglet and a nice male yellow-rump eventually.’
  • ‘Luckily, I had my binocs with me and was able to observe him for a minute or so before he turned and lolloped away.’
  • ‘Two of the best high-techs I've seen are Canon's Image-Stabilizer binocs, and Steiner's Nighthunters.’
  • ‘I pulled my binocs from him to take a closer look.’
  • ‘She took her binocs from her pack and looked down.’