Meaning of biochar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪəʊtʃɑː/


mass noun
  • Charcoal produced from plant matter and stored in the soil as a means of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    ‘From there, you can try to develop carbon abatement schemes (like planting trees and using biochar).’
    • ‘But turn the trash into biochar and experts say harmful carbon dioxides are sealed in, not released into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Here at the University of Georgia, they're working on a much bigger scale, producing up to 1,000 pounds of biochar in a single batch.’
    • ‘And some researchers predict biochar could make a difference.’
    • ‘Lehmann will discuss the combined benefit of biochar for carbon sequestration and improved soil fertility.’
    • ‘He built a biochar facility in Australia and has more projects in the works.’
    • ‘Three activities - no-till agriculture, biochar and more intensified livestock farming with reduced methane emissions - are likely to benefit from increased funding.’


1990s blend of biomass and charcoal.