Meaning of biofilm in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪəʊfɪlm/

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  • A thin but robust layer of mucilage adhering to a solid surface and containing a community of bacteria and other microorganisms.

    ‘Often bacteria live in biofilms, or communities attached to a surface such as a rock in a pond or the lining of an intestine.’
    • ‘They can attach to solid surfaces and form biofilms that are defined as matrix-enclosed microbial populations adherent to each other and to surfaces or interfaces.’
    • ‘Certain genes, called vps genes, enable V. cholerae to stick together in bacterial communities, or biofilms, in both fresh and salt water.’
    • ‘The understanding that these biofilms are dynamic bacterial communities provides targets for therapy.’
    • ‘This study offers new perspectives to clarifying our understanding of the specific phenotypes of bacterial biofilms and thus enables control of their development.’
    • ‘For example, bacteria living near the surface of the biofilm, with easy access to oxygen and nutrients, are entrepreneurs, trend setters, lookouts.’
    • ‘The upper surfaces of the orange sinter, which are submerged in the hot spring waters, are commonly covered with a thin biofilm that overlies the microbes.’
    • ‘H. influenzae is known to form biofilms in vitro and in vivo.’
    • ‘Dental plaque is a biofilm found on tooth surfaces that provides a microhabitat for microorganisms.’
    • ‘While some of the bacteria present feed off of oral nutrients supplied by the host (such as sugars), others within the plaque rely upon nutrients produced by other bacteria within the biofilm.’
    • ‘Destroying biofilm sections in the exponential growth phase does not destroy bacteria in the biofilm that are in the static and stationary growth phases.’
    • ‘Clear differences were observed in the migration of individual taxa to the surface of the biofilm.’
    • ‘The response to these biofilms was compared to biofilms generated in tanks where other invertebrates but no sea urchins were present.’
    • ‘Even worse, bacterial biofilms (bacterial cells plus slime) are very resistant to antibiotics and biocides.’
    • ‘Also, biofilms differ between incubation sites because an active biofilm did not develop if slides were incubated in a non-adult habitat, such as a sandy intertidal area, but did develop on slides placed at the adult habitat.’
    • ‘‘The idea is we will be able to put a very fine mist on rocks or soil that will stain microorganisms and biofilms with dyes that will make themselves visible for microscope analysis,’ said Waggoner.’
    • ‘Concepts of critical colonization, biofilms, and bacterial synergies will be reviewed, along with an overview of bacterial toxins and their local effects on host tissues and wound biochemistry.’
    • ‘But at the darker end of the scale, biofilms can form infection-inducing layers on implanted medical devices and cause deadly lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients.’
    • ‘In addition to being a marker of greater severity of illness, these devices are frequently associated with the formation of biofilms on their surfaces.’
    • ‘Bacterial biofilms have been found after processing.’