Meaning of biologic in English:


Pronunciation /bʌɪə(ʊ)ˈlɒdʒɪk/

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  • Relating to biology; biological.

    ‘there is growing interest in the biologic activities of plant extracts in the treatment of disease’
    • ‘Relatively lower cortisol levels following trauma may constitute a biologic risk factor for PTSD.’
    • ‘Yet there are significant obstacles on the path to generic biologic drugs, beginning with the very definition of "generic."’
    • ‘The development of innovative, specific and markedly more efficacious treatments for AD + P will likely require understanding of its specific biologic processes.’
    • ‘The museum itself is a repository of geologic, geographic, and biologic detail on the park.’
    • ‘It is an inherited biologic illness that occurs throughout all stages of life.’
    • ‘Although biologic and medication factors are largely causative, they clearly facilitate the development of decreased self-esteem and depression.’
    • ‘Further investigations of decaffeinated coffee and tea intake as arthritis risk factors are needed to verify these findings and explore their biologic basis.’
    • ‘In addition to wavelength, the dose of light needed for biologic effects depends on several other factors.’
    • ‘A truly comprehensive approach would need to consider a geologic and biologic time scale of some four billion years.’
    • ‘Physical illness poses another biologic risk.’
    • ‘Certainly, more evidence-based research is needed to understand the biologic basis of nutritional differences as we age and in how to communicate them.’
    • ‘A third hypothesis is that depression occurs through the same biologic mechanisms as the underlying disease.’
    • ‘With a biologic agent, you will have a period of time from its release until the time people start getting sick, which depending on the organism may two days or two weeks.’
    • ‘As with many other lifelong illnesses, conditions that control migraine and chronic daily headache are multidimensional, involving cognitive / emotional factors as well as biologic processes.’
    • ‘A relatively new approach associated with biotech therapeutics uses in vitro diagnostic assays to predict if a drug or biologic product would be effective in treating a particular patient.’
    • ‘People who smoke are influenced by multiple interconnected factors, including behavioral, social, environmental, psychological, genetic, and biologic factors.’


usually biologics
  • another term for biological (noun)

    ‘these natural biologics can be as potent as manufactured drugs’
    • ‘The most complex combination products are invariably devices involving drugs or biologics, or both.’
    • ‘However, the law currently doesn't allow for generic biologics.’
    • ‘He says that "we are looking at some first steps toward generic biologics."’
    • ‘One reason for creating such products is to deliver drugs or biologics to a well-defined target within the body.’
    • ‘Hence, drugs or biologics coated onto medical devices have the potential to affect circulation patterns or release of soluble factors from various immune cells.’
    • ‘There is nothing sacred about the sharp lines between drugs, devices, and biologics.’
    • ‘The future of cardiovascular care will be combining devices, drugs, and biologics to take a more intelligent approach.’
    • ‘The centers for drugs and biologics both have excellent scientific core competencies in their areas of authority.’
    • ‘"The two biologics have fused together nearly seamlessly," he said.’
    • ‘Insurers and consumers have even more reason to want a break on biologics, which can be vastly more expensive than other drugs.’
    • ‘Combining these drugs and biologics with devices offers one avenue for the successful use of such products.’
    • ‘Then all of a sudden the dot-bomb dropped, and suddenly medical devices and biologics were back in vogue.’
    • ‘It is a powder that is nearly 50 percent mercury and is added to vaccines and other biologics as a preservative.’
    • ‘Recalls for drugs, biologics, veterinary medicines, and the overwhelming majority of devices are voluntary actions by industry.’
    • ‘Current regulations assume that the scientific and regulatory expertise regarding drugs, devices, and biologics resides exclusively in the centers for drugs, devices, and biologics, respectively.’
    • ‘Targeted pharmaceuticals and biologics do work for the betterment of healthcare by reducing the cost and time of development and time to market.’
    • ‘While the FDA shares concerns about safety, some insiders argue that scientific advancements have made it easier to characterize and replicate biologics.’
    • ‘The process has worked well for some straightforward drug-device combination products, but for more complex products, particularly those involving biologics, it has faltered.’
    • ‘"If you could combine the proven benefits of device therapy with the emerging potential of biologics, you may be able to completely rework the way we think about disease therapy."’
    • ‘Finally, to make matters even more complicated, products that meet the definition of a biologic also meet the definition of a drug.’