Meaning of biome in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪəʊm/

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  • A large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g. forest or tundra.

    ‘What about selection among communities, ecosystems, biomes, planets, star systems, galaxies?’
    • ‘The researcher expects to describe or recognize distinct biological populations when sampling is over distinct environments, habitats, biomes, or faunal assemblages.’
    • ‘Explore earth science by picking and studying a specific biome: tundra, taiga, forest, grassland, or desert.’
    • ‘To help identify areas most likely to benefit from conservation dollars, the scientists looked at the world in terms of biomes, or communities of living organisms in a single major ecological region.’
    • ‘We looked specifically for evidence of such movement in Western Tanagers because, as coniferous forest breeders, up-slope movements would take them to more productive habitats in the same biome.’
    • ‘It is nuanced, thorough, and intelligent, and deserves to propagate within the vast biome of environmental, Western, and Native American history.’
    • ‘Representatives of all of the biomes can be found within this region, from alpine tundra near Flagstaff, Arizona, to tropical forests in southern Sonora, Mexico.’
    • ‘Studies whose data we included in this paper represented a wide array of biomes, ecosystems, plant functional types, species, and soil types.’
    • ‘The distribution of these major biomes correlates extremely well with global patterns of climate based on a combination of factors such as temperature, precipitation, and the intensity of isolation.’
    • ‘The early Permian saw the continuation of the Carboniferous biomes, with polar tundra regions and warm wet tropical swamp forests.’
    • ‘These chapters generally provide a literature review of phenological studies in the biome, examine factors influencing phenology, look at climate change within the region, and address conservation issues.’
    • ‘Most of the collecting, preliminary sorting work, and an increasing volume of taxonomic naming, will take place in small corners of the world, thus spreading the work to a diverse group of nationalities and biomes.’
    • ‘The habitat gap analysis is one of the most important keys in assessing the irreplaceability of specific biomes and provides the first step.’
    • ‘Genetic diversity can be measured at many different levels, including population, species, community, and biome.’
    • ‘Genera from western biomes are present in the Fort Atkinson fauna in northeastern Illinois, indicating some porosity in the biomic barrier separating it from the Maquoketa Biome.’
    • ‘Are the biogeographic and ecological responses of tropical-rain forest species representative of those of other fragmented biomes?’
    • ‘This is an area larger than most terrestrial biomes.’
    • ‘As a result we have largely taken over two biomes in the temperate regions - the grassland and the forest.’
    • ‘As has been argued previously, savannas may represent a unique biome where predictions developed for grasslands or forests may not directly apply, and more research into the dynamics of these interesting biomes is clearly needed.’
    • ‘Events in temperate or tropical biomes can indirectly impact Arctic and sub-Arctic environments via their effect on migratory species.’


Early 20th century from bio-‘life’ + -ome.