Meaning of biophilia in English:


Pronunciation /bʌɪə(ʊ)ˈfɪlɪə/


mass noun
  • (according to a theory of the biologist E. O. Wilson) an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.

    ‘Harvard biologist Ed Wilson calls this biophilia.’
    • ‘It also gives us a chance to indulge our natural biophilia - a term coined by the Pulitzer prize-winning author Edward O Wilson, who asserted that we are hard-wired to enjoy being outside.’
    • ‘E.O. Wilson talks about biophilia which is that attraction to life, life forms, to nature, that's the only term that I have found closest to what I feel and how I look at all the life forms.’
    • ‘The findings support the theory of biophilia - showing how human health and well-being are dependent on relationships with the natural environment.’
    • ‘Wilson coined the concept of biophilia: ‘The connection that human beings subconsciously seek and need with the rest of life.’’
    • ‘The term biophilia was first used by psychologist Erich Fromm to underline ‘the need for cultivating the capacity for love as a basis for our mental health and emotional wellbeing.’’
    • ‘The idea behind biophilia is that humans have an innate connection to nature.’
    • ‘That, Wilson believes, is a direct expression of biophilia.’
    • ‘This phenomenon, called biophilia, is something that scientists believe is hard-wired into us.’
    • ‘Thus ever is biophilia rewarded, and that in the end is what may save us all.’