Meaning of biostatistics in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbʌɪə(ʊ)stəˈtɪstɪks/

plural noun

treated as singular
  • The branch of statistics that deals with data relating to living organisms.

    ‘Clinicians must be trained to work in interdisciplinary, team-oriented environments and must possess skills in an array of relevant disciplines, including genetics, epidemiology, biostatistics, and behavioral medicine.’
    • ‘These two areas may be taught by faculty from other departments such as biology or biostatistics where close to 100% of the faculty traditionally hold the doctorate.’
    • ‘About 25 percent of the program is now PhD-level scientists in the social or behavioral sciences, nutrition, biostatistics or epidemiology.’
    • ‘The prerequisites are pharmaceutical biotechnology and biostatistics.’
    • ‘This collaboration involves researchers with complementary expertise, ranging from molecular genetics and biostatistics to sociology and cardiology.’
    • ‘She is also an associate clinical professor of medicine at Emory University, Atlanta, and is on leave of absence as an associate professor of medicine and epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco.’
    • ‘John is an internationally recognised expert in the study of addiction and has research expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, psychometrics and clinical psychology.’
    • ‘The biobank would also act as a national focus for training in the fields of molecular genetics, biostatistics and epidemiology.’
    • ‘Staff should be hired, or associates developed, in population statistics, biostatistics and epidemiology, sequential statistics, as well as developmental (industrial-type) statistics.’
    • ‘The 12-member panel included representation from medicine, surgery, endocrinology, pathology, biostatistics, epidemiology, radiology, oncology, and the general public.’
    • ‘After returning to the United States in 1977, I taught biostatistics and health economics and, during the Carter Administration, assisted in several government grants analyzing data on drugs that had not yet been approved by the FDA.’
    • ‘The disciplines are epidemiology; biostatistics; health services management and policy; environmental and occupational health; and social and behavioral sciences.’
    • ‘The fellows will participate in seminars related to biostatistics, epidemiology, global diseases including malaria, HIV / AIDS, and tropical parasites.’
    • ‘Many companies don't even know enough to find someone experienced in biostatistics - someone who can tell them how to perform a well-designed trial to find the information that they need.’
    • ‘Three honorary degrees will be presented to professors William Marras, Ross Prentice, and Brian Tighe for their research in the areas of ergonomics, biostatistics and eye care, respectively.’
    • ‘All wanted more knowledge in disease state management, patient assessment and monitoring, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacoepidemiology and biostatistics.’
    • ‘Pearl's pioneering work on the relationship between environment and longevity set the stage for many aspects of modern epidemiology and biostatistics.’
    • ‘These include, but are not limited to, data management, biostatistics, disease surveillance, and epidemiology.’
    • ‘A little study of biostatistics would also convince you that a sample of 1000 children is too small to conclude anything about already low occurrence rates.’
    • ‘Their primary concern was the prerequisite course in biostatistics, which is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences.’