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Pronunciación /ˈbʌɪətəʊp/

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  • The region of a habitat associated with a particular ecological community.

    ‘Of the positive environmental impacts, the most noticeable are the rich cultural biotopes, such as meadows and pastures, created by slash-and-burn cultivation.’
    • ‘In general, the enormous variety of plants, animals, and biotopes, which had existed around 1800-as the product of human intervention-decreased considerably, this time because of a new forms of human intervention.’
    • ‘Most hominid fossils earlier than about 2 million years ago are found in association with hippo fossils, implying that they lived in the same biotopes and that hippos later became a source of food for our distant ancestors.’
    • ‘Naked lobose amoebae are among the most abundant group of protists present in all aquatic and terrestrial biotopes.’
    • ‘Says Abhik Mazumdar, the man behind this creation: ‘Only a few people are aware that a fish from lake Malawi belongs to a radically different biotope from a fish which originates from the Amazon river.’’


Early 20th century from German Biotop, based on Greek topos ‘place’.