Meaning of bippy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪpi/

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  • A person's buttocks.

    • ‘You bet your sweet bippy they do.’
    • ‘And if that one doesn't fly, you can bet your bippy they'll find a third.’
    • ‘You bet your sweet bippy that we dream.’
    • ‘Oh, you bet your sweet bippy.’
    • ‘You bet your sweet bippy we would!’
    • ‘You bet your sweet bippy it does.’
    • ‘Oh, you bet your bippy I'll posting the details.’
    • ‘You can bet your bippy that if the Massachusetts rate were lower, she would be domiciled there in a heartbeat.’
    • ‘You bet your bippy I had pre-ordered the cd before even getting my first cup of coffee this morning.’
    • ‘You'll freeze your bippy off!’


1960s popularized by the US television programme Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, where it was used as a nonsense word with an air of innuendo but intentionally vague meaning: of unknown origin.